I’ve just popped in two new plugins for a trial, namely the WordPress Contact Form and the Google Adsense Deluxe.

The contact form is pretty nifty, all you have to do is to click on the icon in the text editing bar (it’s stuck on the bottom for some reason in the WSYWIG… will try to fix, works better with the alternative editor) and you’ll get a fully working contact form which’ll email you (once you’ve configured it).

The Adsense one is an interesting plugin as splogs or non-educational blogs created purely for profit get suspended pretty quickly round here! However, I have nothing against people using adsense and that’s a legitimate part of blogging if you ask me. This makes it nice and optional and I think I can also work something into it which will take a 5% cut for edublogs to cover hosting costs etc. (well, to cover the price of a Mars bar a month more like it but it’s the principle ;)

Anyway, as I said these are up for trial… I’ve tested them a fair bit but not with a big ol’ bunch of users… so let me know how they go.

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