Yes, definitely a good week. I’ve installed for your pleasure two new plugins which you can now turn on or off at your leisure. These are the ‘static front page‘ plugin (which allows you to create a page called ‘Home’ and for that to become the front page with blog posts appearing as a category… very useful for some projects) and a fully working Google Analytics plugin (the last one wasn’t doing the job).

So just go to your ‘Plugins’ menu and turn em on if you fancy.

And now a ‘call for plugins’… could you use the comments below to tell me what plugins you’d like to see installed at

Unfortunately there are quite a few which don’t / won’t work using this architecture but with any luck there may well be some that do. Please provide a link to the plugin as well as the name :)

Provide some details for your blog
No stress, you can always change this later on.
Use only lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers.

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