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fauna themeTwo big bits of theme news today. The demise of the grey bar & editable themes!

First up I’m sorry, really really sorry, I was having a look at those little grey bars at the top of the themes today and they’re *so* bad. Utterly amateur. I do want us to have something on each blog that indicates that it’s an edublog (and advertises the service a bit) but that’s just naff. So as of today they’re history [well, as of me getting to a decent connection…]

Secondly I’d like to welcome the outstanding Fauna theme to edublogs. This is a biggie not just because it’s gorgeous but also because when you select it you’ll see pop up “Current Theme Options” which allows you to edit the ‘about’ section, select different headers and generally edit the theme to your liking.

As we develop I’m hoping to add more and more of these themes so that in the end there’ll be as wide a selection of themes as we currently have now… just with added flexibility!

Update: Upgraded to Beta 3 Thanx Ady :)

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. Thanks for reconsidering the grey banner bit. It makes me want to shout out “edublogs.org” from my 32nd floor window.

    The new Fauna template also looks promising. But I lose may categories when I use it. Does Joen’s comment here mean that they can be made to reappear?

  2. Careful of the window, that’s pretty high up!

    I *think* in theme options you can select to bring back the categories? Let me know.

    • James
  3. My apologies, just checked and you’re quite right, it’s not giving you the option… will fix this up soon, thanks for teh heads up.

    • James
  4. The new theme has some great advantages, besides color tweaks. It puts the pages supercategories at the top, instead of listing each sub-category page.

    It seems to support tag, that is some posts are truncated, but others are not. The full post is available by clicking on the title but there isn’t yet a “more” on the original first page to let the reader know. Some posts are title only (such as Intro) but I haven’t quite figured it out)

    Categories only show up on the webpages showing the individual entry.

    But hiccups get cured.

    RE: the grey bar tiopside. The older themes still support this, or did. I suggest a nice little button that could be added to the sidebar in the links block.

  5. Well, sorry, I didn’t read the catgeory bit in the previous post.

    Also, I did type in the “more” between “It seems to support” and “tag” in my entry above but I think the software read the symbols as something else.

  6. don’t put any text between left and right carets (uppercase comma and period) if you want it visible.

  7. Hi,
    I’m wondering about adding features with this new fauna theme. I was trying to use the link features to add a bloglines button as suggested in an earlier post by James, however this didn’t work. Is it possible to add features like a calendar or bloglines button or flikr badge to any of the themes? I really like these features and it would be great to use them on my edublog site. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  8. Hiya All, I’m keen to develop a whole bunch of these themes and that definitely includes bloglines / flickr buttons etc. Hopefully this can happen in teh next couple of weeks.

    • James
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