fauna themeTwo big bits of theme news today. The demise of the grey bar & editable themes!

First up I’m sorry, really really sorry, I was having a look at those little grey bars at the top of the themes today and they’re *so* bad. Utterly amateur. I do want us to have something on each blog that indicates that it’s an edublog (and advertises the service a bit) but that’s just naff. So as of today they’re history [well, as of me getting to a decent connection…]

Secondly I’d like to welcome the outstanding Fauna theme to edublogs. This is a biggie not just because it’s gorgeous but also because when you select it you’ll see pop up “Current Theme Options” which allows you to edit the ‘about’ section, select different headers and generally edit the theme to your liking.

As we develop I’m hoping to add more and more of these themes so that in the end there’ll be as wide a selection of themes as we currently have now… just with added flexibility!

Update: Upgraded to Beta 3 Thanx Ady :)

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