A few housekeeping notes.

As you’ll probably have noticed I haven’t been able to fix the “Upload Photo” thingy yet but have high hopes that I can get it done in the very very near future so thanks for your patience on that one!

In the meantime though you can display images in your blog using the ‘picture’ icon. You can upload images (or audio, or whatever you want to display) at ourmedia and just link it in.

It also looks like adding multiple users to a blog by simply ‘adding users’ is also being phased out of WPMU… but all is not lost, if you want to add users just get them to get their own edublogs here and then you can ‘add user from community’ at Users>Authors and Users – easy and they get a bonus edublog :)

Also, this is the last call for individual themes before I have to start charging… if you would like your own individualised theme you need to basically edit a wordpress template (like one of these) give it a unique name (this is important as otherwise it might overwrite an existing theme) and email it to me: james / at / edublogs / dot / org with your blog address… and I’ll enable it especially for you. Get it to me in the next two weeks (i.e. before 14th November) and I’ll do it gratis.

Fingers crossed customisable themes aren’t that far away though, we shall see, in the meantime you do have 39 to choose from though!!!

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