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It is officially July 31st, 2012 in Melbourne, Australia – where exactly 7 years ago today our fearless founder, James Farmer, flipped the switch and Edublogs was born!

We thought you might enjoy a screenshot from The Wayback Machine of what our first site looked like just a few weeks after launch:

And two years later, with 100,000 blogs in 2007, our main site looked like this:

The best part of all is that to us, we feel like we are just getting started.

With over 1.3 million blogs here on Edublogs.org, and over half-a-million more on our Edublogs Campus networks, we will breaking the 2 million blog barrier very soon!

From all of us here on the Edublogs team, we truly appreciate all of the support we’ve received over the years from all of our users.

And we look forward to bringing blogging into more and more classrooms in the years to come!

Happy blogging!

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We are thrilled to announce some big changes and improvements to Edublogs!

Our focus this summer is to raise the bar in what we offer so that we continue to be the best blogging, ePortolio, and class website service for teachers and students around the world.

To help us reach this goal, we start by bringing you…

Unlimited Student Blogs!

Previously, each Pro account could only enable extra features on up to 50 student blogs. But we know many teachers can have well over 100 students at any given time.

Student blogs will be able to access premium themes, use our new iOS mobile app, embed videos and other code, and the full range of privacy options.

In addition, students will be able to fully manage the look and feel of their blogs, but won’t be able to change the privacy and moderation settings you set for them.

The NEW ‘My Class’ Feature

This is the big one. Now that you can have unlimited students on Edublogs, you need a good way to manage them all!

You will find a new ‘My Class’ menu item near the top of your blog’s dashboard.

From here you can manage the privacy and moderation settings on all student blogs, get a list of pending comments and posts, and more.

As soon as a student blog is added to a class, it will automatically have the extra features enabled as discussed above.

This is just the first launch - so expect improvements and additions in the coming months!

Better Help & Support

You’ll find a brand new ‘Help & Support‘ menu item in your dashboard with quick links to our user guides and support posts.

There’s also an easier to find link for our Pro users to email questions directly to our support staff.

New Theme Customizer

Go to Appearance > Themes and check out the new ‘Customize‘ link.

From here you can quickly edit the look and feel of your blog’s title, background, and custom images and see how it looks live in real time. This addition is just plain fun to play with :)

And Tons More…

There are lots of other new features and changes you may notice. For example:

  • An improved and simplified image and media uploader
  • A fresh new look to the dashboard and top admin bar
  • Flyout menus that keep the menu items nice and neat
  • Better usability on tablets and mobile devices (no app needed!)
  • An improved ‘Inactive Widgets‘ area to save widgets and so widgets don’t get lost when changing themes
  • Embed tweets into any post by just pasting in the link
  • Behind the scenes changes to improve speed

All of this is available now on Edublogs.org and will be coming soon to our Edublogs Campus networks.

Leave a comment below or contact us with any feedback or questions you may have.

Happy blogging!

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It’s here!

Kicking off what is shaping up to be the biggest summer in Edublogs’ history, we’re proud to unveil our brand new official iOS app.

Get it now in the App Store!

From the iPhone and iPad, Edublogs Pro, upgraded, and Campus bloggers can sign in, write posts, upload photos, manage comments, and more with ease!

We’ll whet your appetite with a few screenshots below.

And don’t worry Android users – we certainly haven’t forgot about you ;)

Happy mobile blogging!

iPhone Login Screen


iPhone Post Editor


Editing comments on the iPad

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We are happy to announce the release today of two new exciting features for our Pro and Edublogs Campus users!

Easy Image Widget

Have you ever wanted to add a badge, photo, or other image to the sidebar of your blog?

Before now, it took pasting in some HTML code to get it to work – but now this new widget makes it a breeze!

How to use:

  1. From your dashboard, go to the ‘Plugins‘ menu
  2. Activate the ‘Image Widget‘ plugin
  3. Go to Appearance > Widgets
  4. Drag the ‘Image Widget‘ to your chosen sidebar
  5. Upload the image or badge from your computer
  6. Press ‘Save

Please note:

  1. The Image widget plugin is automatically activated on all blogs on Edublogs Campus and there is no need to activate it in Plugins.
  2. So if you are using an Edublogs Campus blog just go to Appearance > Widgets and you’ll see the Image Widget in your available widget area.

Custom CSS

For you power users out there, you will love the new ‘Custom CSS‘ item under the ‘Appearance‘ menu item of your blog.


If you know a bit of CSS (which stands for Cascading Style Sheets), then you will be able to change different attributes of your theme, including colors, fonts, spacing, and more.

Our favorite resource for more information, code examples, and tips on CSS can be found here.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming soon!

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We’ve just released two new plugins for all Pro and Edublogs Campus blogs!

1. MCE Table Buttons - Activate this plugin and several new table management buttons will appear when you are working on a page or post.

Similar to the table tools in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, this new plugin makes it easy to create and edit large tables.

2. Supreme Google Webfonts – Adds two new often requested visual editor items!

One that lets you choose from dozens of fun and nice looking fonts and a second that lets you easily choose the font size.

See Them In Action!

How Do I Use These?

Easy :)

  1. Go to the Plugins menu item in your dashboard
  2. Scroll down until you find MCE Table Buttons and/or Supreme Google Webfonts
  3. Click Activate
  4. Go to Posts > Add New
  5. Enjoy!
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