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Just in time for many of us to start back with a brand new school year, Edublogs has recently unveiled a new form creator plugin available to Pro and Campus users. And you are not going to believe how easy it is to use! With an intuitive drag and drop interface, you will be making […]

If you have logged into your blog lately, you might have seen a screen that looks like this when you first signed in: This is a new feature that is designed for younger and beginning bloggers to simplify the blog dashboard area by¬†rearranging and hiding some of the less used features. If you don’t see […]

If you have a blog on Edublogs.org, you probably have seen information about Edublogs Campus. We get many questions each day asking us to give a bit more information on Campus, and I’d like to take this opportunity to point out a few of the main reasons why you should consider it for your school. […]

Tags are an excellent way to organize blog posts and helps blog visitors browse posts based on a specific topic. Tag clouds are a useful way of showing which tags are more popular than others on a blog.¬† The larger the size of the word in the tag cloud the more posts that have been […]

Exciting news! We are working on a new directory at Edublogs which will allow you to easily sort through and find blogs based on type or location. To help us get started, we would love anyone that would like their blog to be included in the directory when we launch to complete the form below: […]

Message boards, or forums, are commonplace on many websites around the web. Many people turn them when planning a vacation, for advice, or to get help (like on our Edublogs support forums). Forums are increasingly popular in the classroom as well as a way to organize and foster collaboration among students. Edublogs Pro and Campus […]

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