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  One of the more common requests we get is to have an easy way to print or save posts. Well now you can! Visit the Plugins menu in your blog’s dashboard and you will see ‘Print Friendly and PDF’. It is crazy easy to use – once activated go to Settings > Print Friendly […]

We have always had many different privacy options available to our bloggers – blogs can be as public or as private as you’d like. Until now, if you wanted your blog to be private so that only a certain group of people could see it, you had to create and add usernames for each individual […]

We’ve got a huge amount of new blogging toys coming your way here in 2012! To help lay the ground work for the even better stuff yet to come, you will now notice two snazzy new boxes greeting you when you first login to your blog’s dashboard. There is more! Go to Dashboard > My […]

  A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to Yoko – our most mobile and iPad friendly theme yet. As of today, we’re adding Liquorice to the mix, which is also “responsive” to whatever screen size your blog’s visitors are using. We think many of you will like the more whimsical fonts and easy […]

Whenever you first create a blog here on edublogs.org you are given a brand new URL, or link, for your site. For example, studentchallenge.edublogs.org is the URL for the Student Blogging Challenge blog. As of today, you can also access the same site using studentchallenge.edublogs.com – see what we did there? Even though the .org ending […]

We are thrilled to unveil a brand new theme today! Yoko – as it is called – is our first “responsive” and HTML5 theme. This means that it will look great on all types of devices – including tablets and phones. Exciting, huh? This works because the theme is designed to move the sidebars and […]

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