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Ooops, I missed it! On July 31st (for some reason I though it was August 31st) Edublogs.org turned one. For a first birthday I’ve done the usual things, told her how wonderful she is, promised her the world and… perhaps not so normally… bought her another brand new dual-core server with 4 Gig of RAM […]

We’ve been having some problems with the ‘Subscribe 2′ subscribe by email plugin in terms of people receiving updates to blogs they haven’t subscribed to and being unable to unsubscribe… consequently I’ve turned it off and will be testing for a solution in the near future. Apologies for any inconvenience. In the meantime you could […]

I’ve installed two plugins for whopping spam that you can turn on through your ‘Plugins’ menu. They are ‘auto-close comments’ and ‘auto-close trackbacks’ and will automatically close comments and trackbacks on all posts over 21 days in age… I use it myself at incorporated subversion and it’ll cut comment spam by 90%… promise!

Wow, I’m blown away not just by the content but also by the presentation! If you’re running an edublogs.org workshop at your school or just introducing colleagues to the site you won’t go far wrong than Blogging in WordPress (.pdf) put together by the prolific K. Boan.

Thanks for bearing with us as we negotiate the tricky path of integrating different technologies – and some of us try to move house at the same time! The great folks at Wikispaces have put together some very useful options in your admin bar which K. Boan has been kind enough to explain graphically here. […]

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