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Graham Warren has set up a pretty extensive edublogs.org community discussion area using php bulletin board, why not head over there and see if you can hook up with like minded edubloggers.

I’m very aware that there have been some serious performance / speed issues this week – partly due to school starting back and partly doe to some network / configuration issues. I’m keen to get this sorted asap though and have made some changes which will hopefully improve the speed of the site. Please let […]

We’ve had a annoying hiccough which has turned some static pages on some blogs into posts (they live in the same database table). The content certainly hasn’t been lost, just pop into Manage > Posts to find it again and republish as new pages. Apologies for the inconvenience (if it’s happened to you).

edublogs.org was founded in 2005 by James Farmer as an extension of the incsub.org project aimed at providing teachers, students, researchers, librarians, writers and other education professionals with freely available emerging technologies. What makes edublogs.org different from, for example, Blogger is that we’re dedicated to educational professionals, we’re nice and small (by blog provider standards), […]

***I’d love to be able to edit a themes / add something to the sidebar / tweak this template… You can do… some templates allow you to extensively customise them thought the ‘template options’ or ‘current theme options’ section in ‘Presentation’ For example, try out the ‘Fauna’ template.You can also manipulate the ‘Links’ section of […]

- edublogs.org provides free, fully functional WordPress blogs hosted on our dedicated top-of-the range server. With these you can create individual posts in a traditional blog-style, pages of static content indexed in your sidebar and select from any number of themes to give life to your new blog. In addition to this you can upload […]

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