Powering 3,298,424 Edublogs since 2005

Woah! Check out what just happened on the upper left corner of our site. Teachers and students around the world have now created more than TWO MILLION blogs on Edublogs.org. You add the nearly 1 million┬ámore on our Edublogs Campus networks, and you’ll find Edublogs being used in classrooms in just about every single country, […]

Sending an automatic email to your blog’s visitors with each new post is a powerful way to reach them. And today, we are rolling out new and improved email subscription to help you grow and maintain your followers. All of this is live now for our Pro blogs on Edublogs.org and will soon be available […]

It’s August! And for many of you, that means new beginnings with a whole new school year. We have two new videos we want to share that hopefully can help kick things off! 1. What is a blog? We made this video for you to use with students, parents, or fellow educators to quickly explain […]

Yesterday we announced new integration with Google Apps and popular Learning Management Systems. Today, we’re thrilled to share new hosting options for our Edublogs Campus schools in Canada and Europe! Thanks to incredible growth and high demand, we now have the ability to bring the same safe, fast, and reliable Edublogs service to shiny new […]

With Edublogs Campus, we make it super easy for every student, staff, and faculty member to have their own WordPress blog or website. And as of today, we’re excited to share, we can now integrate with many popular student management and learning tools, including Google Apps for Education and Learning Management Systems like Desire2Learn, Canvas, […]

Available today, you’ll find an exciting new plugin for adding videos and audio to your blog – MediaCore! MediaCore is a cloud-based video education platform that makes it safe and easy to use video in teaching and learning. With the new plugin, you can easily upload videos directly from your blog’s dashboard and embed videos […]

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