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Today, Friday the 15th of October, is Blog Action Day where bloggers from around the world write about one topic to raise awareness and help drive change through collaboration. This year, the topic is water – providing access to clean and safe drinking water to the nearly 1 billion people around the world that are […]

Happy World Teachers’ Day! October the 5th was World Teachers’ Day, and we here at Edublogs are sending out a huge thank you to all of the teachers and educators around the globe! There is no doubt that educating future generations is the single most important responsibility that exists, and it certainly is no easy […]

As you know, we’re pretty obsessed with making Edublogs better. And this is your chance to help with that, by telling us what you think about Edublogs and how you’d like us to improve for you in 2011. All you need to do is take this short survey (you can complete it in under 2 […]

Over the past year, a grass roots movement in educator professional development has evolved into a widespread phenomenon. EdCamps, mostly in the US, and Teach Meets, mostly in the UK, are popping up all over as a new type of collaborative conference.  In fact, they are often called an “unconference” as the attendees are the […]

If the twitter stream and blog posts over the past week or so are an accurate representation, it seems that iPads and other tablet devices have really started to solidify their roles in and out of the classroom. In fact, I should disclose, this post comes at the conclusion of my first week with an […]

One of the things that we pride ourselves the most on here at Edublogs is the support we provide for our users. In fact, over the past few weeks, you may have noticed an overhaul of our help.edublogs.org support site.  Our team has been hard at work re-organizing and adding more information to the site […]

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