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It is one of the most important conversations we can have. When student privacy and safety is at stake, we all have an obligation to do our part. Keeping in mind that laws and policies vary depending on where you are and what age you work with, there are some common sense tips we should […]

The last weekend of November is here which can only mean that the holiday season has officially arrived! At Edublogs, we love this time of year, and here is our top 10 list as to why: The hardworking educators and students that use Edublogs get some well deserved time off from school Great widgets from […]

It is practically impossible to keep up with the ever-changing tools and resources available to educators. Not to mention all of the new vocabulary and jargon that comes along with it. The following posts from our own Sue Waters on TheEdublogger.com might be a great place to start: A Glossary to DEMYSTIFY the jargon of […]

It all started on a typical Monday morning when my web browser of choice, Chrome, just stopped working for me. A quick google search lead nowhere – only that others experienced similar problems over the past year, but no help or advice. I deleted, reinstalled, upgraded, downgraded, and nothing – Chrome was not happy. So […]

During today’s class blog webinar, I had the pleasure of welcoming in David Carruthers’ grade 6 class from St. Thomas, Ontario. Let me just say that these students were wonderful! We host these webinars on a rotating basis, and we don’t require any sign-up, registration, or really have any way of knowing who might show up. […]

You may have seen posts, tweets, or messages about the 2010 Edublog Awards process which began yesterday with the nomination phase. Going into our seventh year, these awards are a way to recognize all of the different bloggers, teachers, and others that are contributing to the improvement of education at a global level. It is […]

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