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As an edublogs user you now have two avatars, one for your blog and one for your username. Your ‘blog avatar’ will appear where your blog is listed, for example in the most popular blogs lists on the front page. You can set this in Options > Blog Avatar. Your ‘user avatar’ will appear where […]

Christmas comes early at edublogs this year, partly because the day itself isn’t much known for teaching and learning ;), partly because we want to give the team a break… and partly because we just wanna spread some cheer! So, as of today you should have, available in your edublog: A snazzy new editor option […]

Unfortunately, EduSpaces announced today that they’re shutting up shop in January. Needless to say that leaves a lot of bloggers looking for a new home…  and we’d like to extend them all a warm welcome here :) One blogger who’s already made the move, Alicia Wyatt, has posted a quick ‘how to’ (and associated issues) […]

There’s a wonderful range of blogs, posts and resources in the 2007 edublog awards and included among them are some fabulous edublogs blogs. So, we salute… and encourage you to salute too… the following brilliant edublogs.org blogs to make the shortlist this year (click on the category name to go and vote!): Best Individual Blog […]

We’ve been testing it for a while, and all looks good, so time to make it official… edublogs has gone and got itself a case of CommentPress. What is CP? Well, it’s a spanking theme from the Institute for the Future of the Book that “allows readers to comment paragraph by paragraph in the margins […]

What more can I say, last week we passed 100,000 edublogs and we’re extremely happy about it :) CC Mohanmon Well, OK, I can say a bit more, in fact we’ve currently got more like 103,000 blogs, separated over four sites (63K on edublogs.org and 39K spread across the student sites). In September at edublogs.org […]

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