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If you’ve got an existing edublog then you might have problems with formatting posts… the link / bold / block-quote buttons don’t work etc You can fix this by pointing to wp-admin/upgrade.php and clicking there. Sorry it’s not easier at the moment! So just got to http://yoururl.edublogs.org/wp-admin/upgrade.php (make sure you’re logged in) and the WSYWIG […]

There are a couple of known problems that are being worked on so please have patience: There’s an error at the to saying: WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘user_id’ in ‘field list’] The WSYWIG text editor hasn’t quite kicked in yet… in fact the ‘link’ tags don’t work at the moment – you’ll need to […]

So, how d’ya like the upgrade? Pretty nifty huh! Again this is development work and again it’s gonna have a few hiccoughs so please have patience with it (and me!) Have also added a ‘featured blog’ section (to get your blog up there just contact me) and am working on a ‘latest updated’ list too […]

I’m going to try an upgrade in the next hour or so…. among other things you should get a taste of the new WordPress WSYWIG editor (all together now, wooooo) so please bear with me if there’s any disruption to service. Update: Hmmm… haven’t *quite* got the test site sorted yet so will have to […]

If you have any bugs (the categories one is getting fixed soon) or other issues you’d like to raise please feel free to fo it here rather than using the contact form… that way more peopel will get to benefit from your exploration!

The current version of WPMU (on which edublogs.org is based) doesn’t allow users to edit themes… but future versions will (I’ve been told that it’ll take a few weeks). In the meantime, if you spot a theme with a particular problem or would like me to upload your favourite themes (for example, form the WordPress […]

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