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Update: Applications for this position are now closed. Edublogs is planning on taking a step up in 2010 and beyond, and to help us do that we’re after a special someone to lead the way when it comes to telling the world who we are. We’re looking for a person who can write great copy […]

We’ve got some big plans for Edublogs.org for 2010 to make your experience better and improve our service and functionality. So we’ve put together this really, really quick survey to help us find out how we can best help you. And, to sweeten the deal, we’re giving away several Amazon Kindles to survey participants! So […]

We’re hoping the new school year is going well for all Edublogs users and we’re looking forward to providing you with some great blogging tools for the next year! And we’d also like to say a huge thank you to all of you who have become Edublogs Supporters or looked at Edublogs Campus for your […]

About a year ago, we started selling domain names and the ability to use your own domain names on Edublogs blogs. Well, after we did that for a while, we changed over to the Supporter model and that became tricky… but no longer, because we’ve decided to bundle free domain mapping in with Supporter, so […]

Well, odds are you’ve noticed that Edublogs has just undergone a pretty radical upgrade – and that your admin area is looking a heap of a lot different! In particular you’ll notice that the admin menu now goes down the side – rather than the top, and that everything has gone all drag ‘n drop […]

We asked you how you thought Edublogs Supporter could be improved and you resoundingly said “I’ve got 3, 5…. a class of 30 blogs and I want to make them all Supporters but it’s too expensive!” Well, we heard you loud and clear, so we’ve introduced batch Supporter subscriptions, with some pretty stunning discounts! You […]

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