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formfeaturesJust in time for many of us to start back with a brand new school year, Edublogs has recently unveiled a new form creator plugin available to Pro and Campus users.

And you are not going to believe how easy it is to use!

With an intuitive drag and drop interface, you will be making detailed contact forms, assessments of all types, class polls, and more in no time.

Highlights & Features

  • Choose from 21 different form field types
  • Allow users or students to upload files – useful as a digital drop-box!
  • Automatically generate emails upon form submission
  • Export all submissions to Excel or Google Docs
  • Make forms available only to logged-in users

There is also a nifty graphical interface that lets you see and analyze results as they come in. In addition, results can be displayed directly in a page or post on your blog!

The International Blogs Directory

This form plugin is so powerful and customizable that our entire new blogs directory is built using it.

It would be impossible to list all of the features this new plugin brings to your blog – the best way might be for you to jump in and play around.


Getting Started

Once you activate the Formidable Pro plugin, you will find a new menu item in your blog’s dashboard.

Click on “Create a Form”, or choose from one of the existing templates to get started.

Should you need any help, try our help document on working with Formidable Forms or contact us with any additional questions.

About Ronnie Burt

Manages the Edublogs, CampusPress, and WPMU DEV Hosting services. Former secondary math teacher and wannabe musician. Follow @ronnieburt on twitter!


  1. I’ve upgraded my account to pro particularly to use the formidable pro options pertaining to quizzes and polls. There doesn’t seem to be any indication when using formidable pro that quizzes and polls are an option. This was supposed to be an ‘easy’ interface tool that let me create these things with ease. Since I’m new to blogs I’ll understand if I’m just missing the feature entirely. However the templates you offer don’t seem to be quizzes and polls. I hope you can help. It seems a waste of money for me if I can’t access these neat features.

    • Hi Michael,

      The plugin will definitely let you create quizzes and polls – but you are correct, the templates that are provided won’t get you there.

      But, if you create a new form from scratch, you can choose the types of questions you build into the form. Once you go to the “Create a new form” page, the menus on the right will give you the different options for form “fields”.

      Most polls or quizzes would use the “Select One – Radio” field for multiple choice questions, or the “Drop Down – Select” field if you would prefer a drop down box.

      Should you run into any trouble, we’re happy to help out by using the Contact button at the top of the website to get in touch with us.

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  3. I have found this as hopelessly difficult to figure out as Michael. How about a helpful tutorial post on Edublogger like you’ve done on so many other topics. SHOW us how to use this feature, please.

    • Miss Harris
  4. Is there a way that Edublogs free users can use something like this?

    • chocolatte
    • Oh! Sorry! I had a question. Is there a way that Edublogs Free users can use this or something like this without having to pay money?

      • chocolatte
      • Hi chocolatte,

        Our plugins are only available to our Pro users so that we can ensure that we provide the highest levels of support and reliability to our users. Thanks for asking, though, as we always welcome any and all feedback.

        • Can we embed polls from outside sources?

          • ambrosetech
          • Absolutely! Pro and Campus blogs are able to embed all types of code from many sources around the web into pages, posts, and widgets.

  5. hey people of the world ! How do we do this????????

    • lizzyeagles
  6. mine doesnt want to work !!!!!!:/

    • deisye5
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  8. Hi everybody!! I’m new in this blog’s world! I’m from Argentina I hope to contact teachers from all over the world!!

    • antonelasaccomani

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