Our third new plugin released this week is an easy way to integrate Facebook with your blog.


The Facebook Like plugin gives you the ability to quickly add a ‘like’ button at the beginning or end of posts or pages.

To give it a try, don’t be afraid to click on “like” at the bottom of this post! :)

Plugin Features

  • Easy to setup - all you need to do is activate, and the plugin automatically does the rest!
  • Change location – you can choose to have the “like” button at the beginning¬†or end of each post, and rather or not to display it on your front page or not.
  • Customization – other settings include changing the colors to match your blog and making the button bar bigger or smaller.

How to Customize

After activating the plugin, you can click on Facebook-Like under the Settings tab of your blog’s dashboard. ¬†From here, you will find all of the options with explanations provided.

More New Stuff!

This makes THREE new plugins made live this week – including the new PayPal and Calendar plugins.

The next few months are going to bring even more new plugins and features to Edublogs!

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