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As of today, we have over a dozen excellent and popular plugins available to Pro and Campus blogs!

After listening to feedback from recent user surveys, and in line with our commitment to providing the most useful and powerful educational blogging experience in the world, we are working on adding even more plugins in the near future.


A few possibilities on the horizon include improved podcasting, the ability to accept PayPal payments and donations, Facebook integration, and calendar management.

We would love to hear what you have to say about all of this!  Do you think you would use any of these plugins?

More importantly, do you have any specific requests for us to look into?

We would love to hear your comments below!

About Ronnie Burt

Manages the Edublogs, CampusPress, and WPMU DEV Hosting services. Former secondary math teacher and wannabe musician. Follow @ronnieburt on twitter!


  1. can you make games on your blog???

    • basil
    • Hi Basil, I love a good challenge! You CAN actually embed games from many websites around the web right inside of any post. Just make sure that your theme is wide enough to allow for you to see the entire game.

      Here is a post on my test blog of embedding a game that I found from http://www.freegaming.de which has over 17,000 free games that you can embed!

      • Ronnie
  2. What I’d really love to see would be collapsable categories (i.e. parent categories that can be clicked on to reveal sub categories etc.) rather than having all categories visible all the time…

    • freemanmaths
    • That’s a great organizational assist!

      • educaster
  3. More customization of premium themes, please!
    Also, a way for new readers to see the comment form other than click on “no comment” would help: I only started to get comments after I used a post to explain how to comment with the format I use.

    • Tomorrow's Progressives
  4. I would definitely use the podcasting! I would like a way to change type size, and an easier way for non-techies like myself to use typekit. I’m trying…and failing miserably! Couldn’t there just be a place to insert code for the heading, the titles, etc?

  5. I would like to have an interactive calendar where you can add events, assignments, reminders, notes, etc. I have tried to find a widget or tool that would do this and have be unsuccessful thus far.
    Also, I would like to have more options for themes that have tabs/buttons at the top for pages created and creative side bars that can be categorize…like something I can manipulate and make for personalized…is this possible?



    • Mr. Lineberger
  6. Jazzy little countdown widgets would be nice.

    I’d also like to be able to stick a customized icon in the tab next to the page title on the browser.

  7. I would like to embed videos and slide shows. There may be a way to do this which I have not found yet, but I know this would be helpful for parents!
    Danielle Hockman

    • dhockman
  8. I love the idea of Facebook integration! I always have to post twice- once here and once there. Thanks, Edublogs!

    • I’m glad you like the idea! While you wait, I thought you might find the following useful from Facebook’s website. This allows you to use the RSS feed from your Edublog and import it into “notes” and display them on your wall:

      On the Notes page, click the Import a blog link on the right side of the page.
      1. Enter the URL (web address) of your blog into the text box, and check the box underneath that states that you agree to our Terms of Use.
      2. To complete the process, click on “Save Settings.”
      3. Once you do this, your previous posts will appear as notes and any new posts you make will automatically display.

      • Ronnie
  9. Thank you for all of the great ideas so far – and we hope you all will keep them coming!

    • Ronnie
  10. I would like to see ShareThis as an option for adding pages.

    • educaster
  11. It would be helpful if, when doing a search, students could also look for names and titles in comments. Many want to see if their friends have sent in comments, but they can’t find their names when they type them in the search box. Many are looking for book reviews that have been sent in as comments, but they can’t find them without scrolling through an awful lot of comments. Is there any quick solution?

  12. Oh, one other quite minor difficulty. The theme I use has a permanent search box above the header which covers up some of my categories. The E.S.L. section can’t really be seen. I don’t need a search box at the top as I have one below the header so if the top one could be removed, it would be helpful for users looking for the E.S.L. section.

  13. I’d like to see a calender the blog owner can put dates on and users can scroll through

    • person55555
  14. Now I am very new here so this may already have been addressed and I just cannot find it. But there should be a way for us to change the password. If I lose it out of my password program I will be doomed. LOL

    If there is a way please let me know. Thank you so much and so far it looks like a wonderful blog site that I and my students WILL be using a lot I hope.

    • Ron
    • @Ron, thanks for the kind comments! There is an easy way to change your password and instructions can be found here. We’re glad you and your students are enjoying Edublogs!

      • Ronnie
  15. Definitely a calendar that I can add notes to/important dates/reminders etc

    PS Thanks for your great work – we have started blogging recently and everyone is loving it!

  16. I’d like to see a text to speech feature allowing students to listen as they read the text. I know that some of my students, especially those with special needs, get an extra boost hearing the text as they read it.

    I think, if memory serves me, Edublogs had a feature like this a few year back. Maybe something along the lines of http://www.odiogo.com or http://www.ispeech.org?

  17. I think its Huge enough! no seriously being new & all, I cant belive how much resource thir already is.

    • kymduncan1971
  18. I’d like to have the ability to create standard tags that exist sitewide so that students could choose from a list when creating posts. We use tags to organize posts by assignment/competency and students don’t always use the correct tag.

    • Ron Bramhall
  19. I’d like to have Skysa http://www.skysa.com plugged in my blog so that my visitors would easily share, comment, feedback and chat through the app bar.

  20. I make my students administrators so they can have access to Appearance – themes and widgets. I’d like them to be contributors so I’d like contributors to have access to Appearance as it gives them a real sense of ownership.
    The kids are loving their blogs – thanks.

    • apslibrary
  21. I love the P2 theme – can we perhaps have the edublogs team go further and put forth a format that can act as scaffolding for students, and be customized by the blog owners so they can add their own tab names for different types of posts, with customizable text field names, text field descriptions and text field sizes, and also have a tagging option for each text field, if required?

    This would be especially useful for guiding students to complete their blog posts at the beginning using forms as scaffolds when describing resources, for example, with embedded guide questions and explanations that accompany the text fields.

    • netizenship
  22. I wanted to put flash games, but thanks to your suggestion to embed games from other sites, I think this is legal.

  23. I wish we could customize the backgrounds, so we could make our blog mesh better with an external website.

    • awyatt
  24. apslibrary said:
    I make my students administrators so they can have access to Appearance – themes and widgets. I’d like them to be contributors so I’d like contributors to have access to Appearance as it gives them a real sense of ownership.
    The kids are loving their blogs – thanks.

    I’m looking for a way my students can customize their blog’s appearance, but still allow me to moderate posts. What do you think?

    • Mr.C

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