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If you’re in an observant mood you may have noticed the new Stats tab in your admin menu (just after Comments).

And, if you’re an Edublogs Supporter, then you might even have noticed that it’s collecting information about the number of visitors to your blog, where they are coming from, the most popular content and even the search engine terms people are finding you under!

And it’s not just doing that any old which way, you’re getting great interactive flash charts and archives stretching over the last week, month and year.

So, if you’re already a supporter tell us how you like it? Anything you’d like to see improved?

And if you’re not, well, sign up today for little more than a cup of coffee a month (actually, I had a more expensive coffee the other day ;) and as soon as you do we’ll start logging yer stats!

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


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  2. Hi, James. I don´t know that this function was changed in Feb. It was all ok on my blog stats till today. Now I have no stats at all. What´s wrong? I have now subscrice Google Analytics but it also don´t work… I´m very sad with this problem.

    • stelter
  3. Sorry about that – should be fixed up now?

  4. Thanks, it´s OK for both Tiger and Leopard! :-)

    • stelter
  5. Hi,

    How do I insert ClustrMaps on my Blog? I saw the instructions that was posted on the forum, but it was for the old format and not the new version?

    Thanks for your help!


    • scartwright
  6. Hi,

    I finally got the ClustrMaps on Sidebar 2, but it will not let me save the changes. I keep getting an error message, “You have to agree to Terms of Service by ticking th checkbox” which I did, but it will not save the changes. If I click on the SAVE button, the fields clear out and nothing is saved. I also was able to copy and paste the HTML code into the text box and place it on the Sidebar 2.

    Please help!

    Thank you,

    • scartwright
    • Hi Sheila, looks like I will need to get them to check it. In the meantime if you want to add you will need to do it using the Text widget method.

  7. Hi,

    I also copied and pasted the HTML code into the text box and place it on the Sidebar 2, but it still does not show up.

    Please help!

    Thank you,

    • scartwright
    • Hi Sheila, I’ve made the technical team aware of the issue with the ClustrMaps widget. For the HTML embed code I would need to check that the right code is being added.

  8. is there any update on this sue?

    • Hi there, not sure what update you are looking for. All is working well – if you are experiencing any problems, feel free to use the contact form at the top of this page to get in touch. Thanks!

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