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Edublogs now offers you and your students 100 themes!

The three new themes you get to play with are:

Chaotic Soul – It’s nice and dark with a split customizable header to appeal to our inner emo.

Greenery – Delightfully green, another one with a customizable header just waiting for you to wreck the colour scheme ;)

Sweet blossoms screenshot

Sweet Blossoms –  Apparently you guys wanted another pink theme, well.. here you go!

Other themes we have planned include some more ‘elementary’ themes for younger students, some magazine-esque themes to allow you to make your blog look like an online newspaper and some photoblogging themes.

So roll on 200!

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. These are great. My students are enjoying all the choice! thanks

    • rm12
  2. Thanks for the new themes – it will be nice to have an alternative pink theme to Pink Kupy (I’m over that one). :-)

  3. They’r cool,
    but Chaotic soul should not be considered emo

    • Ian \w/(-L-)\w/
  4. i like the pink one :D

    • alishaaa
  5. Greenery is delightful for me.

    • gse3500taiwan
  6. Greenery is delightful to me

    • gse3500taiwan
  7. i’m obsessed with the green theme…very refreshing!.

  8. Greenery will provide coolness to me and my pupils in this summer. And book with specs. will give it a scholarly touch.
    Ambreen Alam Zubair

    • alam
  9. I can’t wait to see the themes you have designed for elementary students. I have been waiting for this!!!

  10. I LUV the pink 1. Its soooooo ah-dorable!

    • bmwilso
  11. The Sweet Blossom one is vary cute.

    • edithburge
  12. I am sooo happy you added a new pink one!!

    • audreyf
  13. I like the green one. It is cool

    • Matt
  14. I already have plans for “some magazine-esque themes to allow you to make your blog look like an online newspaper”. Should be good timing!

  15. These Look great,heads up to the creators of them

  16. wow is all i can say… it made my blog exciting, and more than 5 people go on it every day!

    • kiki55
  17. I am brand new :) I am trying to design a cute page for my second graders next year. Can I search for other themes, or do I have to choose from the ones provided??

    • soppstar
  18. You can choose from the 100 available :)

  19. Hi there. I absolutely love the Sweet Blossoms theme, but I can’t give it any sidebar widgest. I tried to follow the instructions a lot of times but nothing worked. So could you please help me, because I think the theme is really cool. Also if you don’t mind could you please get another pink or people theme, similar to Pink Kupy and Sweet Blossoms. It would e great!

    • naveens3
  20. Hi sorry , I wrote people theme instead of purple theme, so yeah pink or people would be good thanks.

    • naveens3
  21. sorry again. I don’t know what goes wrong, I type in purple but it comes out as people, but I’m sure you know what I said

    • naveens3

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