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We’ve had a pretty busy weekend at the Edublogs ranch upgrading Edublogs to the new all singing, all dancing version of WordPress MultiUser and – while there are still a few tweaks in process – we’re more than delighted to confirm a complete upgrade and introduce you to our new admin look and some rather […]

Edublogs now offers you and your students 100 themes! The three new themes you get to play with are: Chaotic Soul – It’s nice and dark with a split customizable header to appeal to our inner emo. Greenery – Delightfully green, another one with a customizable header just waiting for you to wreck the colour […]

OK, since we recently started allowing student blogs on Edublogs it’s about time we heard from you exactly how you’d like to use blogs with them! So, please use the comments below to let us know about creating blogs for your students, managing them once they’re going, aggregating them all into one place and also […]