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It’s not quite a brow-lift, nose-job, full set of Da Vinci crowns and a tummy-tuck… but we’re pretty happy with our new look nonetheless :)

And what’s more, your blog backend is going to get a makeover really really soon too (more details at the end of this post).

So here’s how we used to look:

Old Look Edublogs

And here’s how we look now:

New look Edublogs

We’re hoping that the new look demonstrates how far we’ve come as a company in the last year and also improves on your Edublogs experience. It’s a lot lighter on the load, contains some nice new useful links for logged in users, describes what we do much better, profiles The Edublogger better than before and shows off more Edublogs Supporters rather nicely too.

And of course, hopefully it also helps build awareness of Edublogs Campus too :)

As for your blogs, well we can’t confirm the date yet but most likely in the next few weeks we’ll be upgrading the site to the latest version of WordPress which means that your admin area is going to start looking a lot like the below:

New WordPress admin area

And it also means that you’re going to get a heap more of most excellent features, some of which are so cool it’s exciting just anticipating them :)

So we’ll let you know when that happens, and also (in case you’re worried) have a whole new set of video tutorials and other materials to help acquaint you and your students with the new admin layout.

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


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  2. I really dont like the new layout so far,,, might be because its not loading,,, but i was used to the old one

    • jules999
  3. Does this mean we will finally have threaded discussions?

  4. I think it looks great James. I like the whole look and feel.It makes me very excited to see the new layout for the admin pages. Great job James and team!


  5. I love the new look and feel, but unfortunately when I go to my dashboard, it says that the page can not be found. I am clicking on the link from the page right after logging in, and it’s just not working. Is this just my account, or is this happening to others? Thank you!

    • ymsbookclub
  6. Hi! The site looks great….but my Web log from the dashboard is not loading correctly. Just want to let you know. Thanks.

    • lstryker
  7. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Regarding the dashboard link, we’re looking at that now and it should be an easy fix :)

    In terms of extra features please pop over to the forums and let us know what you’d like to see – there’s a category just for that!

  8. Oh and jules, it’s actually quite similar to the old layout in many ways – more like an ‘improved’ version :)

  9. Like it; looks less cluttered; will be easier to market to my blog skittish colleagues; thanks

    • sislmc
  10. it looks a lot lesss crowded and cluttered and has more professional look to the page.

  11. Love the new design and layout James … lookin sweet! It is a huge improvement!

    :) Frank

  12. I am excited for the changes. Although I am used to the old design, I find it a little cumbersome to work with, so thank you for trying to make things easier for us new bloggers!!!!!! :)

    • grattsmath-coach
  13. Cool, go for it. The Front page looks great and can’t wait to play in the new admin area of the blog :)


    • gkat
  14. Also please direct any feature requests to the forums: http://edublogs.org/forums (as they won’t get moderated here I’m afraid)

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  16. This may sound like a silly question: but where do I login to my blog on the newly designed page. (Please forgive what looks like a stupid question).

  17. Not a silly question at all. Look under ‘Sign up here’ for either a login form or ‘Your Edublogs Info.’

  18. I’m a new user of edublogs and I just want to say that I love your sense of humor!!

    • betsydonovan
  19. When the big makeover occured so did the presentation on my blog. I had videos and now there is a big gap between my post and the video. Any ideas about how to change it back or make the adjustment?

    • mcleish
  20. The new front page wouldn’t have had any impact on your blog, please as we’ve pointed out a few times already :), can you post any support questions – with links and details – to the forums: http://edublogs.org/forums/

  21. I like the new look. It is clean and easy to find things. I can’t get into my blog yet because of my district firewall, so don’t know about how it works yet. I do like the look of it, however. Thanks for doing this.

    • lynnjake
  22. so my blog sites haven’t changed yet…..how long will it be until we are all switched over?

    • Mr. Farmer
  23. Coming shortly :)

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