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Here’s some pretty big news… Edublogs.org is now open only for teachers but also for students of all descriptions. Previously we’ve hosted three other sites – uniblogs.org, learnerblogs.org and eslblogs.org for students but we decided a few weeks ago that this is both overly complex and limits what teachers can do with their students through […]

With not-so-heavy-heart Edublogs finally bids farewell to the ubiquitous Kubrick as our default theme today and welcomes in a mod of the brilliant 3 column Cutline based on the original by the brilliant Chris Pearson. We originally figured we’d wait to see what new default WP came up with but sometimes, heck, you’ve just got […]

Phew, it’s been a busy few weeks here at casa Edublogs. But all that toil has not gone in vain as we have a few new goodies for you that we think you’ll like. First up there’s the Clustrmaps Widget… basically this little beauty makes it utterly simple to insert a Clustrmap into your sidebar, […]

This is a big development for us here at Edublogs, so if you’ll excuse a small fanfare (trumpets etc.) we give you Edublogs Supporter :) As you know, Edublogs is free of charge and free of advertising, and we’ve been giving a great deal of thought to how we can continue to grow the site, […]

When we said user avatars were going to be important, we surely meant it and if you check out any one of you comment threads (which has had a few comments recently), we hope you can now see why. Basically, now whenever you leave a comment on another Edublogs blog your user avatar will show […]