Christmas comes early at edublogs this year, partly because the day itself isn’t much known for teaching and learning ;), partly because we want to give the team a break… and partly because we just wanna spread some cheer!

So, as of today you should have, available in your edublog:

  • A snazzy new editor option (click it to get more editing options :)
  • Tags for every post (and also on every theme!) – tag clouds for your sidebars etc. all coming soon
  • Ten swanky new themes to choose from (two of which are pictured below)


Unfortunately there are a few hiccoughs associated with the gift (sorry) which include:

  • Themes switching back to the defaults one (FIX: just go back into ‘Presentation’ and choose the original theme)
  • /s appearing in your titles and taglines (FIX: Just edit them out under ‘Options’)

Sorry for the bother with these, with one hand we giveth and with the other we annoyeth!

But most importantly, have a happy Christmas and new year from all of us here at edublogs, and we can’t wait to bring you even more goodies in 2008!