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Upgrades have come to edublogs :) Yep, we’ve only got one little baby in place at the moment (you can upgrade to 1Gig upload space for $25 a year) but we’re going to be adding more and more (like running an edublog at your own domain) so that, if you so choose, you can really […]

We heard this morning that long time edublogger and respected teacher Christine Leal was tragically killed in a car accident on the morning of September 13th. Her friend and colleague Shellie Escobodo has placed a post on Christine’s blog to allow those who knew her to leave their goodbyes. Here’s the post. As a mark […]

On November 3rd 2007, 4 teachers from the UK will be heading off to Antarctica on a scientific expedition. They will spend four weeks camping in Antarctica, hiking through areas deep in the Antarctic interior that have not previously been subject to scientific research. The expedition has been organised by the Fuchs Foundation in celebration […]

The new academic year is upon us and we’ve got heaps of great new features (more on the way),  brilliant new speedy servers and even a fancy new logo and look to take us into 2007 – 2008. So, what better time than to spread the word, by letting your colleagues know all about us. […]