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Pretty special edublogging day today as not only is it our second birthday, but it’s also the release of edublogs 2.0! That’s right, 2.0 in the social, logo, look ‘n feel and general evolutionary sense. Not only do we have a new look, but you can also catch the hottest blogs of the last hour, […]

We love out widgets here at edublogs, we surely do, and there’s nothing so much that brings a smile to our faces than some swinging sidebar shenanigans! And, given that, I’m delighted to officially unveil out Twitter and VodPod widgets: As ever, just click through to ‘Presentation’ > ‘Widgets’ and you’ll be able to select […]

We’re going to be launching a rather cool new look for edublogs pretty soon to complement our new hardware and functionality. And as a part of this we’d like to display some testimonials… and not just ones we’ve made up :D So, if you have a few minutes could you email us (support (at) edublogs […]

It’s been an exciting week at the Edublogs ranch as not only have we had more new blogs created in the last week than ever before, but we’ve also revolutionized your Presentation area. Yep, you heard us, we’ve added 20 new themes and you’ll find that many of them (and several of your old favourites) […]

The more discerning of you may have noticed that there’s something a little different about your Edublog backend as of today. In particular I suspect you’ll rather like what you see when you visit your Presentation tab (uploadable, ahem, croppable, headers anyone… 20 new themes, perhaps?) Or check out the multi-blog management drop-down menu that […]

Ian Hancock asked a good question in the forums today about embedding Voicethreads into an edublogs post. The problem being that when you copy and paste ‘embed’ or ‘object’ code into your blog it disappears (it’s a security thing). But never fear, there’s a really simple workaround… all you have to do is grab the […]

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