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Just a quickie this week, because it’s going to be built into a whole new support structure very very soon, but check it out… we has videos. Not quite I can has… but we’re working on it :)

This week we’ve been mostly working on getting our K-12 Edublogs site, hosted at http://learnerblogs.org up and running on the same database structure as our teacher version – which you’re enjoying now! And so far so good, we know that sites hosted at learnerblogs.org have been unacceptably slow of late – partly do to a […]

If you care to wander past your ‘Presentation’ tab you’ll find four rather marvellous new themes, even if we do say so ourselves. Terra Firma is an exquisite balance of boxes and beauty, Citrus Island will take you to the heights of web2.0 minimalist orange fashion, Reaching Darkness is one of the most well-put-together darker […]