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A couple of exciting new additions to Edublogs this week, the MyBlogLog widget and the ability to embed Slideshare in your posts. To set up the MyBlogLog widget just cruise to ‘Sidebar Widgets’ under ‘Presentation’ and drag and drop. To embed a Slideshare slide just copy it’s wordpress.com embed ID… replace with spaces the ‘id=’, […]

Not content with bringing you funky ways to upload and present your files, Edublogs now also allows you to share those files – be they course notes, worksheets, favourite songs or great big image files – using a very funky Box.net widget. How does it work? Just go to your Presentation tab, click on Sidebar […]

Well, only because we have to ;) Seriously though, the vast majority of Edubloggers are MS users and the vast majority of Word docs, presentations and spreadsheets are produced as .doc, .ppt or .xls files. So, now when you upload or link to any of these documents to edublogs – your readers will, courtesy of […]

One of the things we’re focusing on here at Edublogs is bringing you unique features & plugins which provide you and your students with an unrivalled blogging experience :) So this week I’d like to introduce you to an old favourite of the plugin world and two new bunnies, the new ‘uns first: Edublogs Only […]

If you’re new to edublogging, or are looking for some great resources to share with your colleagues then you’re going to love How to Edublog – Versions 1 / Version 2. Heck, even old hands might learn something rather useful!