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I’m very aware that there have been some serious performance / speed issues this week – partly due to school starting back and partly doe to some network / configuration issues.

I’m keen to get this sorted asap though and have made some changes which will hopefully improve the speed of the site.

Please let me know (in the comments below) how it’s working for you now (good and bad).

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. I’ve noticed a few issues with accessing my edublogs site–specifically, I get database errors once or twice a day when I try to update. The big problem, though, came when I brought a class to the computer lab yesterday morning (about 7:30-8:30 EST) to create blogs on learnerblogs, and the server crashed about halfway through the period, then ran really slowly after that.

    The kids are psyched about this, as are a bunch of the teachers in my school, and I really appreciate this service. If there’s anything I can do to help from my end–do you need me to limit the numbers of kids logging in for now, for example?–please let me know.

    Thanks for everything.


  2. Had real problems yesterday (7th Sept 06) at 1pm (British Summer Time) trying to get a group of teachers set up with blogs. As with Jeff’s post, is there anything I can do at my end to make things easier?

    Neil W

  3. I have had problems accessing my blog. I get a database error 2 or 3 times a day when I try to update and right from the get go to view it.

  4. Hi Guys, thanks for the feedback and apologies for previous outages – we ran some changes about 12 hours ago, can you tell me how we’re going from now on.

    • James
  5. James,

    I ‘unveiled’ my site tonight before students, parents, teachers and other guests, and everything on the site worked fine. The site loaded quickly and I was able to click through all my links and really show the power of immediacy in providing information and feedback in our Learning Community. Everyone was impressed, even the kids, and the teachers came up and asked how soon can I teach them to use it. So we’re off on the right foot – THANKS TO YOU and this wonderful gift that you’ve given us.

    I know that you’re working continuously to fix all the bugs, so please know, how grateful, and happy I am that you’re doing this. A big smack on both cheeks to you for my success tonight.


  6. things are noticeably smoother and faster, though there have been the occasional glitch and connection error (at different times of the day – i’m in the uk). i appreciate that with all things an instant overnight improvement may not have been completely possible but would have liked to have seen more regular updates, information on what new things we should see/experience, what new bells and whistles were being added etc.

    i guess that things are evolving continually and the upgrade is not (nor ever will be absolutely) ‘complete’ so any information you can give your (thousands of) users on a more frequent basis would be very much welcomed. keep up the good work and (a genuine sentiment) keep in touch (please).

  7. Hi,

    I’m happy to report things have been running smoothly for the last two days. I’d like to echo the sentiments above and thank you for your efforts. My ten year old students are really keen on blogging.

    We look forward to using edublogs throughout the school year.

    Ottawa, Canada

  8. Hi

    When I try to upload images to my blog I get the following response –

    The uploaded file could not be moved to .
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/eslblogs/public_html/wp-admin/admin-functions.php:1875) in /home/eslblogs/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 1151


    Can you help? Image uploading was fine until a week or so ago, I think…


  9. Sorry! One final query – though I have, under options, turned off publicity for my class blog (see above), it is still on the ‘Recently updated’ list on eslblogs.org. Is there a way of removing it from the list?

    Many thanks!

  10. Trying to update the feedblitz subscription just now and noticed that the blog feed (all of them) default to edublogs.org (this one) and not the cerebraloddjobs.edublogs.org/feed/
    The uniblogs feeds also revert to uniblogs itself. This may not be a new problem.

    GreatNews reader is ok, though. Feedblitz is fine on wp.com

  11. Let me correct– the uniblogs feedblitz emails are correct even their preview is not.

    The edublogs feedblitz email was incorrect

  12. I was trying to set up an edublog but keep getting this error

    404 Error: Not Found
    What you were looking for isn’t here anymore. It might be a temporary error, it might be permanent.

    Is this because of the changes being made? Will it be working soon?

    • Susan Buchanan
  13. I have really enjoyed having this tool to communicate with my students. I actually set up a meeting with the other teachers in the building to set up blogs of their own. Of course, when we began the class, none – I mean, NONE – of the names would be accepted. Then finally, the site was down. I understand that technical issues occur quite often, but this has really put a damper on things. Do you have any idea as to why it wouldn’t accept ANY of the names my teachers were putting in?

    Also, is there a way to set an email list so our students/parents can be notified when we make a change to our edublog? Perhaps, an automatic message that is sent to parents from edublogs.org or my blog?

    Again, I TRULY love the friendliness of edublogs.org. It is very easy to use…as long as it is working! :o)

    Thank so much for making this available to educators!

    • Katy
  14. Not to be redundant but I am running in to the same problem that the previous two comments mention. I have a class of preservice teachers that I am trying to get edublog accounts for and they are unable to create accounts at this time. We’re making do without right now but I was just curious if there is a timeframe for when this problem might be fixed. Like others who have posted, I truly appreciate this free service and don’t want to appear ungrateful. I was just wondering when the problem might be corrected so I can make some decisions about what to do with my class.

    • Stein Brunvand
  15. Thanks for your help – things are running much smoother. However I like the others are having a group of educators meeting tomorrow and they can’t create new accounts. Also, I have made new pages for their subgroups and I have checked the ability to make comments and comments doesn’t show up. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

  16. James,
    Like others have mentioned, I’m running workshops this week and had hoped to have staff set up blogs, but yesterday and this morning the link for new blogs from the front page goes to a 404-not found. So too do the links to this blog.

    I really appreciate the edublogs service and normally things work very well, so I hope you’re able to sort this out fairly easily.

  17. It’s running sweet thanks. I’ve had a few errors (like the 404 thing mentioned above) or occasionally running slow – but let’s compare the edublogs server with my institution’s server, for example:
    edublogs still way ahead, thanks.
    I’ve noticed some wish lists on the forums for future upgrades. Have you considered setting up a payment option for users to support your work here, as part of a plan to keep the service running and extend the functions? A bit like the way shareware developers operate?
    I’d like video and audio integration, please and the cheque is in the proverbial post!
    All the best.

    • pete whitfield
  18. Thanks for the link to create new blogs. I couldn’t actually click in the username box to type but got round this by right clicking in the box and pasting from Word – just so you know!
    Thanks again, I now have my site up and running for a seminar I would like responses to. Brilliant.

    • Susan Buchanan
  19. Hi there

    Is anyone else having problems with uploading images to eslblogs.org? I can’t find any information about it anywhere. Is it to do with an upgrade? Is it just me and my blog?!

    Any help much appreciated!

  20. Yup, it’s a bug and I’m working on it now.

    Cheers, James

    • James
  21. Thanks James! On a postive note, my classes love using ESLBLOGS (much more than blogger).

    Thanks for the fine service!

  22. eslblogs images should be fixed now – Cheers, James

    • James
  23. James,

    Your dialogue box for linking to photos on outside servers is not working today.

    Thanks and we’re appreciative as always,
    Karen at Cedarwood

  24. this is a test

    • tom
  25. Could be a browser issue (frequently is) – if not just hard code img src in.

    Cheers, James

    • James
  26. My students are getting the message “The Comment Form is currently not available” on several of my edublogs postings. Is it full? Please advise. Thanks!

  27. First, I am thrilled edublogs and learnerblogs are back online. I have a question, however. I looked for other posts with this question and it seems it hasn’t been asked yet so here goes…”When my students try to upload a word document to their learner blog, they get the response ‘cannot upload this type of …..(I can’t exactly remember the language)’ Will my students ever be able to upload word document files?” Currently they are cutting and pasting their work into a post and then reformatting it to fit the post. I know that I can upload and post word documents on edublogs. Is this service also available in learnerblogs. We are able to upload images in learnerblogs.


    • Athena Milis
  28. Whoops, they can now :)

    • James
  29. God Bless you James!

    • Athena Milis
  30. I have been in these formus a lot over the past week. I have read all the posts. It seems that Edublogs and Learnerblogs have intermittant outages and various other problems. This is the third wasted curricular day in the computer lab in the past two weeks. Today Learnerblogs is not even up. My Edublog is working today whereas it was not working yesterday. Never before have I appeared more disorganized in front of students. I have had to scramble to put together anything that resembles a valuable learning experience each time the system is not functioning. This is something I cannot predict. I need to know if there is anything I can do at my school site to help make this work. Please get back to me with suggestions and advice.

    • Athena Milis

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