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wikispaces logoIt’s taken a while but I’m delighted to announce that over the next week we’ll be rolling out free (and ad free!) Wikispaces for all edublogs.org users.

So all existing users will get a free Wikispace – which’ll get kinda integrated into their edublog space (through the admin menu and in the sidebar) – and all new users will too… moving edublogs.org towards what I really want it to be (I think): a one-stop, freely available, non-commercial shop for all your educational technology needs :)

Onwards & upwards!

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. Excellent!!

    Having worked with wikipedia and wikibooks and tasted commercial wikislike pbwiki, I felt the need for space which I could call myown. WordPress answered all my needs as it allowed the creation of pages, something that made it stand out form blogspot. With wiki integrated into the blogging platform, I think my callhasbeen answered.

    You can,or maybe will see more of me in the coming days.


  2. Ok wikispaces has been launched, nice and propah! But where’s the integration. Moreover it is not ad free!!

    My dashboard displays the wikispaces tab. Clicking it leads me to a page that shows up with two buttons. On says Update and the other is a link to wikispaces. Clicking on the latter leads to wikispaces all right, but it is not set up. I mean you have to register to get your site going. I know there is a way to have a Wikispace counter, or something like that, in your sidebar that keeps updating the blog site about changes in wikispace. But the problem is modifying the sidebar.Unfortunately a theme editir is not bundled at oyur site.

    So problems and problems. My first and formost request is to add a theme editor option in the admin page under the presentation tab. I thought that was possible. I wonder why that is missing?


  3. It appears that the free wiki acccount is a public one. Everyone can update it. Can we change it to pretected?

  4. Hi Orthodoc, have asked wikispaces guys to look at this. Some links would be v. helpful.

    I think I answered your Q about theme editing in the forums.

    Embedded, I’m not sure if you can make spaces private, you’re best off looking round the wikispaces site for answers to that.

    • James
  5. Hi,

    Adam from Wikispaces here.

    > But where’s the integration.

    We’re in the process of updating all the themes. The integration will be a “recent changes” wikispaces box in the sidebar of your blog.

    > Moreover it is not ad free!!

    It should be. If it isn’t email us at help@wikispaces.com with the name of your blog and the name of your wiki.

    > It appears that the free wiki acccount is a public one. Everyone can update it. Can we change it to pretected?

    Yep. You can even use Private if you want.


    • Adam
  6. Ok guys you did it. My wikispace corner is now ad free after I mailed to them personally about it.

    And the integration will take a while. I can wait for it. I am in no hurry!


  7. I am unhappy at what has happened with the launch of the ‘free’ wikki. Somehow I have someone else’s wikki attached to my blog! I also do not like the advertising, though there had to be a ‘catch’ behind getting something free I guess. But I would like the ability to hide the wikki until I want it, and I certainly want the wikki to be MY wikki not someone elses. Please can I get some help, or if I have got this wrong, some clarification.

    • Judy
  8. HI everyone – OK, I solved my problem with the ‘wrong’ wikki. thanks. Judy

    • Judy
  9. No problem Judy.

    To be clear though, there is no “catch”. Your wikispace should be advertising free. If it isn’t, email us at help@wikispaces.com and tell us the name of your space.


    • Adam
  10. Well, I set up my wiki, or thought I did, but the link from my edublogs site doesn’t get me there. There are a few other links to other spots within wikispaces. The formatting on the wiki also has some problems. My title only used the heading font for the first line of text, although I had three. Can you help me??

  11. My question is the same as Tom’s – how do I link to my wikispace from my blog? Great to have both for free – thanks guys.

  12. Guys,

    Email us at help@wikispaces.com with the name of your edublog and we’ll see what’s going on.


    • Adam

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