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Yes, definitely a good week. I’ve installed for your pleasure two new plugins which you can now turn on or off at your leisure. These are the ‘static front page‘ plugin (which allows you to create a page called ‘Home’ and for that to become the front page with blog posts appearing as a category… […]

Well, that went so well that I’ve added a cute feature to homepage to celebrate (when you’re on a roll why not keep on going huh!) Now you can visit Latest Posts at the top to get excerpts of all the latest posts in the edublogs.org community, it refreshes about every 15 mins or so. […]

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Well, it’s been a long time in coming but now it’s here with any luck we won’t have to roll it back… a major backend upgrade for edublogs.org. This should fix a number of things including password protected posts, some commenting problems, category issues, uploading and dragging of files using browsers other than Mozilla and […]

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