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You might have noticed that after a rather large pile of consideration about how I could best advertise edublogs.org through each edublog… I ended up with the only really feasible option being the little grey bar you’ll now find at the top of your blog. I’ve tried to keep it as innocuous as possible and […]

Josie has been kind enough to take over the edublog awards this year and has gone into overdrive with the nominations, these are the categories: * Most innovative edublogging project, service or programme* Best newcomer* Most influential post, resource or presentation* Best designed/most beautiful edublog* Best library/librarian blog* Best teacher blog* Best audio and/or visual […]

Did you know that you can blog to edublogs.org using your phone, mobile device or third party application of your choice! All you need to do is to know your username and password and point it towards: http://yourblogid.edublogs.org/wordpress/xmlrpc.php (big thanks to Paulo on this one!)  Here are a few features that I want to get […]

I *think* that images are now uploading & dragging and dropping just fine, let me know how it works for you. Need to find some more MB now too…. hmmmmmm! 

- edublogs.org provides free, fully functional WordPress blogs hosted on our dedicated top-of-the range server. With these you can create individual posts in a traditional blog-style, pages of static content indexed in your sidebar and select from any number of themes to give life to your new blog. In addition to this you can upload […]

If you care to take a stroll over to to the ‘Presentation’ tag at the top of your blog you should be pleasantly surprised… I’ve added a heap more themes, with screenshots and tried to make them all ‘edublogs.org’ friendly so that there aren’t any error messages or links you can’t edit… let me know […]

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