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A few housekeeping notes. As you’ll probably have noticed I haven’t been able to fix the “Upload Photo” thingy yet but have high hopes that I can get it done in the very very near future so thanks for your patience on that one! In the meantime though you can display images in your blog […]

Josie is mapping the location of edubloggers around the world… go add yourself (thanks to D’Arcy for the capture – one question though… can you actually have a global community of practice?).

Well, another redesign to go with the great piece of code that the wonderful Michele at Beblogger.com has just donated which means that not only do we finally have a colour scheme (gasp!) but we also have a list of the 20 75 (!!!) latest updated blogs down the sidebar. So get clicking, commenting and […]

Was getting very very tired of the old orange lines and stuff so knocked this together in double quick time the other day. Nothing special, just aesthetics (um, to a degree), how do ya find it? Also, have discovered a way you can have your own theme while editableness isn’t going… basically you’ll have to […]

Just running a quick upgrade to try to get the text editor to work… should be a few bonuses (if a little buggy at times) in there soon too… am still half way through vacation but it’s gnawing away at me like a hippo on a branch! Update: yep, not quite there yet but most […]